Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One amazing event! & an Update.

 It always chokes me up when I see an organized group of people come together in support of cancer. Brenda and I took part in an event this past Sunday in support of prostrate cancer.

It just amazes me to see that many people come out in support of a cause such as this, each and everyone of them there for that cause. We had a great time meeting people, ones we knew, and some we didn't. We were at the second stop of 2011 Ride for Dad, at the Rhine Danube club in Leamington ON. We had volunteered to stamp the riders cards as they came through that stop. Most of them stopped at this stop for a bite to eat and a "pop" as well, so we got to see a lot of the bikes up close and chat.

Below you must see a video of the ride, it is an impressive sight 13:37 minutes of bikes rounding the corner of Lauzon Rd & Riverside Dr. There was an estimated 750 - 1000+ bikes that took part in this event!

You have to agree that is an impressive sight. This was one of many Rides for Dad that are held across Canada every year, in 2010, 1016 riders brought in an amazing $77,000 in donations for prostate cancer research and awareness, just in Windsor alone! For more photos of the Leamington stop go the the following link:

Now, for an update on me. I will be having a C/T scan in mid June, to see how things are and if there is significant progression. Well, what I can say about that is, I have a node under my chin that has doubled in size in the past few weeks. So the scan will give us a definitive answer on what exactly is going on.

This getaway we are going on could not be happening at a better time! Could be that the "watch & wait" is done? I really hope not but my gut is telling me otherwise, and then there is the mind gone wild thing going on with it all as well. You patients and survivors out there know what I mean, could this be something, could that be something and so on. But the chin node, that is real, and has become visible.

With all this also comes the thinking about the "limited" chemotherapy choices that I have. There has been some talk of room for a little more CHOP minus the R, "not covered". Might have to do another letter writing campaign about that. ICE was also mentioned, which right now I'm favoring, only because of the damage the "Red Devil" (Doxorubicin) which is part of the CHOP, can cause to the heart lining.

I may also, depending if the watch & wait is over, look into some compassionate use alternatives, which I am currently still exploring. I've been following some of the blogs of people who are multiple, recurrent patients and what they have been through, that has been very helpful. So you fellow cancer blogger s out there, keep up the writing, your stories ARE making a difference. That's about it for now, so I will leave you for now, love and hugs to everyone, no matter where you are in your journey! Tim, xxx


  1. HI Tim,
    Sending you well wishes and prayer!