Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Relay for Life,

Don McFarlane, Me & Brenda

Friday June 17th,  my uncle Don, Brenda, and myself attended and took part in the 2011 Relay for Life event at the Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex located in LaSalle ON.

We arrived at around 5:40pm, after being directed to the survivor VIP parking area, we all then checked in, my uncle and I at the survivors table, and Brenda at the caregivers table. After going through the check in process we received our t-shirts and then proceeded to the stage area where we set up our chairs for the evening.

Yum! Cake for dessert.
We then went to the survivors dinner tent, where the line was already quite long, and made our way along the serving line to get our dinner, which what a chicken kabob along with flat bread, rolls, salad and drinks. After dinner all the survivors and their caregivers/companions gathered around a large cake, provided by Koolini Restaurant, and sang happy birthday to us! Then we all had cake which was very tasty.

Our M.C. for the evening Arms Bumanlag.
We then proceeded back to the stage area where the M.C. for the evening (Arms Bumanlag) took to the mic and got the evenings festivities underway. After the singing of our National Anthem, and several speakers Dr. Caroline Hamm and Oncologist from the cancer center began to read the survivor names and we took to the track as the names were read.

Survivors Honour Guard.

The track was lined with members of all the various Relay teams and other spectators who cheer and clapped for us survivors and caregivers as we made our way around the track. I was very emotional indeed. I was also very emotional to see all the luminaries that lined the route, most
of which were "In Memory Of", although there were a good number of "In Honour Of" as well.

After looking for the luminary that I had pre-purchased about a month or so ago, I could not spot it! After I completed the survivors lap, I went around again to look for it. It was for the Lymphomaniacs (one of my Facebook groups) from Brenda and I. I looked all through the "L" and "T" areas and again could not find it. I then went to the luminary tent to inquire about it, they asked if I had looked under the "M" section, to which I replied, "why would I do that, it's for The Lymphomaniacs.
The lost luminary!

Well sure enough that is where they found it for me. It seems the printed it incorrectly and it ended up saying "In Honour Of Timothy Mayer, The Lymphomaniacs". Which was OK, although it was suppose to read, In Honour of The Lymphomaniacs, Love and Hugs, Tim and Brenda Mayer. Like I said it was all good with me, just as long as it was there, it was very important to me that it be there to honour all my Lymphomaniac friends!

Walkerville High School Glee Club.
Then it was back to join Brenda and my Uncle at the stage to take in some of the entertainment, after listening to "Let's get it started in here" as the teams took to the track, the first ones up on stage were the Walkerville High School Glee Club. They actually were really good too! About an hour later the mosquitoes made there appearance and it was time to pack up and head home!

Looking back on the evening although entertaining and enjoyable, the reason for the evening is what I was reflecting on during my survivors lap, as well as, on the ride home. Cancer! and once again I found it absolutely amazing the number of people that always turn up in support of cancer related events!

I am sure there is no one who can say they don't know someone, or of someone touched by cancer. That in itself is a statistic that needs to change! Events like this are in existence to help do just that. This is the 11th year for Relay in Canada, and even though the economy is still rebounding, there were many groups there raising big dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society, Thank you to each and every one of you who spent your Friday night doing laps around the Vollmer complex, you rock!

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