Friday, October 1, 2010

It's official, Gabapentin it is!

Well got the call, yesterday actually, that since there is really nothing new out there for the neuropathic pain I will be switching back to Gabapentin from Lyrica. Had to try I guess, it's been and experience that's for sure! So did the switch today, and starting out gradually again, 300mg three times per day for four days the up to 600mg three times a day for four days. After completing the 4 days of 600mg, I will have to check in with the Dr. and see how it's going and go from there. I was up to 900mg three times per day when I did the switch to Lyrica.

Brenda had her tooth fixed and has a couple of follow ups with the dentist now just to bring everything up to snuff! Her attacks have been less frequent and less often, still having them though, watching very carefully what she's eating and physical activity as well, because still not 100% sure what the cause is till after the scope later this month. Her cousin and her family from Botswana, Africa were here for a visit and everyone enjoyed each others company, was a good time. The kids and Cheryl too, had a blast feeding the Canada geese down in the park out front of the building. They are back in Saskatoon now till they return to Africa in Nov. (Pic is a little dark as it was around 6-7pm and photo was taken from our 6th flr balcony)

So, we shall see how the change goes, hope I feel better that I have lately, I really think it was the change of meds affecting me, but we will find out in a few weeks when I get back to where I was with the med. Hope this finds everyone well in their journey's.

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