Friday, February 4, 2011

A week of nothingness!

Well, after getting my hand slapped by my home nurse, I put a short leash on myself. Seems I was doing too much too soon. So to review, Had surgery on Monday, In ICU Monday night and Tuesday till dinner time, then home due to no available beds outside of ICU. I was to take it easy "for a bit" once home.

By Thursday I was starting to feel much better and decided to due my usual morning routine to the mall for coffee and walk. Walking I had decided would be only a mere fraction of what I usually walk, and that is what I did Thursday and Friday. By Friday afternoon I was quite sore and more swollen in the chest area where I had the surgery. When my nurse showed up Friday afternoon and I explained what I had done the last two days, he said I should not be walking any distance at all yet, it was too soon.

Well, after thinking about it all for a few seconds, I had to agree that it was pretty crazy that I thought I should be trying to do some walking 2 days after being released from ICU. Hey, "E" for effort right!

So, for the past week I have stayed put! No venturing out and nothing crazy, just R&R. Today (Friday) I ventured out to the mall, (just for coffee, no walking) and some running around with Brenda to do some errands she needed done. Waited in the van at all but one stop, but that was a quick one, no walking any great distance.

Sore, yeah, no more than normal this past week though and swelling is finally starting to go down. Nurse should be here today sometime, and I'm sure all will be fine. I am now basically down to the waiting game again for the results. Dr. Elalem said seven to ten days. I don't see him for a follow up till the 22nd of this month but I do see my Oncologist Dr. Schneider this coming Monday. I am hoping he will have results, but not counting on it. I know how slow this process is, been there done that.

Then, after I find out what is going on with the biopsy results, negative or positive, there is the issue of the new activity that showed up in my neck! Dr. Kanjeekal had said the results of the Gallium scan did not show activity in the nodes that were enlarged in the chest, the ones just biopsied, and it did show the activity in the neck which the C/T did not show. Yeah confusing I know, but the choice was wait a month to redo the Gallium scan or proceed with the anterior mediastinotomy to get a biopsy of the enlarge nodes.

Like I said in my previous blog post, it was a no brainer to do the biopsy. By waiting who knows what situation I'd be in three months down the road, my history with this crap is not good. So hopefully sometime on Monday I will be posting some kind of news with regards to biopsy results, or some kind of idea on how we are going to proceed and treatment options.

Nurse was here this afternoon, wound looks good and dressing can be removed and stay off at any time now, most likely tomorrow. So until Monday when I should know a little more, I pass on love and hugs to everyone in their journey's no matter where that may be.

Tim, xxx

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