Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ok, so more to today's update.

Went for my appointment with my radiation oncologist this afternoon. Seen a different Dr.( one that Dr. Schneider says he might just hire) he went over my scan results which were clean! No new growth, no new nodes, current nodes shrinking as they should. He also did the camera up the nose and down the throat thing and all looked good in there as well. He was really concerned with the amount of swelling, which I told him it had been that way for quite some time now. He is also changing my meds for the CIPN (neuropathy). Hopefully that works cause the neuropathy pain has been terrible lately. Dr. Schneider ended up dropping in to say hi at the end.
Also seen my dietitian today as well. Guess I'm up a kilo, I'll have to walk that off! Will see the Dr. again in a month as they want to monitor this med change. So I'll be weaning off of the Gabapentin for 2 weeks the starting the new stuff, Pregabalin. Ok, almost time for BB, so later!!

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